PRESS RELEASE from the Republican National Committee
April 16, 2012

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Announces RNC Hispanic Outreach State Directors

WASHINGTON - Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus announces the latest phase of the RNC's Hispanic Outreach Program:

"The 2012 Presidential Election will be one of the most critical elections of our lifetime. The Hispanic community is the country's fastest growing demographic and will play a pivotal role in helping the country change direction from the failed leadership and policies of Barack Obama," said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.

"As the RNC continues our efforts to make Barack Obama a one-term president, I am proud to announce six new Hispanic Outreach State Directors who will be joining the RNC team. Working closely with the RNC and our Hispanic Outreach Director Bettina Inclán, these political professionals will play a critical role in engaging Hispanic voters in spreading the Republican message and important Get Out The Vote efforts. They will continue to build a grassroots effort that will help ensure GOP victories in key battleground states this November.

"Within the coming months, the RNC will tirelessly work to engage the Hispanic community not only in battleground states but across the United States. With the unemployment rate for Hispanics over ten percent, two points higher than the national average, Hispanics across the country are frustrated with rising gas prices and skyrocketing debt."

RNC Co-Chairman Sharon Day pointed to a recent Tarrance Group poll where a majority of Hispanics believe this country is on the wrong track after President Obama failed to deliver on his 'Hope and Change' promises from four years ago.

"In my home state of Florida, I have seen how President Obama's policies have hurt the Hispanic community. As our Hispanic Outreach Program continues to grow, we will engage Hispanics across the country with our message of economic security that will allow them and all future generations to obtain the American Dream," said RNC Co-Chairman Sharon Day.

Hispanic Outreach State Directors:

Colorado: Lizbeth Norris-Cohen

Florida: Pablo Pantoja

Nevada: Elsa Barnhill

New Mexico: Paulo Sibaja

North Carolina: Neri Martinez

Virginia: Jeyben Castro