May 1, 2012
RNC Launches the GOP Social Victory Center

WASHINGTON - Today the Republican National Committee (RNC) launched the GOP Social Victory Center (SVC), a cutting edge online application that harnesses the power of Facebook to equip voters with the tools to be directly involved in the political process. Simply by signing in through their Facebook accounts, users can find ways to volunteer in their local areas, make calls into battleground states, access exclusive news and multimedia from the RNC, find and create local political events, and engage with activists across the country. The SVC can be accessed at

"With the Social Victory Center, we are revolutionizing the way activists and volunteers participate in Republican campaigns," said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. "We're breaking down geographic borders and connecting users to a nationwide grassroots network and a wealth of political resources.

"Digital technology is more important than ever in this election, which is why I am proud of what Republicans can offer voters with the Social Victory Center. With the SVC and our extensive on-the-ground efforts in battleground states, Republicans are fully equipped to fire Barack Obama and take back the White House," he said.

"The SVC, which leverages the technology of Facebook and Eventbrite, will give Republicans a distinct advantage in this campaign," said RNC Political Director Rick Wiley. "The Social Victory Center opens the door to new volunteer opportunities and discussions to grassroots supporters who would otherwise not have the opportunity to participate. We are confident it will prove an important asset in voter contacts and Get Out the Vote efforts."

"This is the new frontier in digital political activism and will open new doors to political engagement," said RNC Digital Strategy Director Tyler Brown. "It offers us the opportunity to better communicate with and listen to our grassroots supporters on a daily basis--especially young voters, who compose a larger share of Facebook's 161 million active American users."