Democratic Governors' Association - 2010

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Chairman Gov. Jack Markell (DE)

Elected Governor in Nov. 2008. Elected State Treasurer in 1998 and re-elected in 2002 and 2006. Held a senior management position at Comcast Corporation, worked as a consultant with McKinsey and Company and as a banker at First Chicago Corporation. Senior vice president for corporate development at Nextel; he was the 13th employee of the wireless technoloyg firm. Undergraduate degree in economics and development studies from Brown University and M.B.A. from the University of Chicago. Born and raised in Newark, DE.

Executive Committee

Gov. Jack Markell, Delaware (Chair) Gov. Martin O’Malley, Maryland (Vice Chair) Gov. Jay Nixon, Missouri (Finance Chair) Gov. Chet Culver, Iowa (Federal Liaison) Gov. Phil Bredesen, Tennessee (Policy Chair) Gov. Brian Schweitzer, Montana (Chair Emeritus) Gov. Christine Gregoire, Washington Gov. John Lynch, New Hampshire Gov. Joe Manchin, West Virginia Gov. Bev Perdue, North Carolina Gov. Ed Rendell, Pennsylvania Gov. Ted Strickland, Ohio


Executive Director  Nathan Daschle

(executive director since 2007) Daschle started at the DGA as counsel and director of policy (announced July 6, 2005). Previously an associate at the law firm of Covington & Burling. Has worked in the legislative affars office at AFSCME and for the Natural Resources Defense Council. Worked on the 1996 Senate campaign of Tom Strickland (CO). J.D. from Harvard Law School, 2002; B.A. from Northwestern University, 1995.


Political Director  Raymond Glendening

Deputy political director at the DGA in the 2008 cycle. Deputy field director on Gov. Bill Richardson's presidential campaign.  Previously a political action representative at AFSCME; at AFSCME for about four years. Graduate of West Virginia University.

Deputy Political Director  Zach Stewart

A regional field director on Hillary Clinton's Iowa caucus campaign after starting out on Tom Vilsack's campaign.

Deputy Political Director  Zach Wineburg

Deputy field director on John Edwards' 2007-08 Iowa caucus campaign. Kansas City regional field director for the successful 2006 McCaskill for U.S. Senate campaign in Missouri. Worked at DSCC. Organized northeastern Iowa for the John Edwards caucus camapign in 2003-04 and continued with the campaign in Virginia and Georgia. North Carolina native.


Communications Director  Emily Bittner

(Emily DeRose) Communications director at the Arizona Democratic Party through the 2008 election cycle. Associate at Policy Development Group, 2006-07. Reporter for the Arizona Republic and, 2002-06.  Graduate of Northwestern University, 2002.

Deputy Communications Director (including new media)  Brannon Jordan

(March 2010) Previously worked in media relations for Planned Parenthood Federation of America, starting in 2008. A public information officer for the Florida CFO, 2007-08. Press assistant on the Jim Davis for Governor campaign, 2005-06.


Finance Director  Colleen Turrentine

National finance director for Governor Bill Richardson's presidential campaign from 2007-08. Deputy finance director for Richardson's gubernatorial re-election campaign from 2006-07. Before working for Gov. Richardson, Turrentine served as the national finance director at the Democratic Leadership Council.  Deputy New York/New Jersey finance director for Sen. Joe Lieberman's presidential campaign in 2003.  Graduate of Saint Mary's College in South Bend, IN.

Deputy Finance Director  David Reid

Started at the DGA in Jan. 2008 as finance assistant. In 2007 he served as a field organizer for the Democratic Party of Virginia. B.A. in politics and history from the University of Virginia, 2006.

Events Director  Lindsay Baker

Finance Assistants  Irene Miller, Frank Bergold


Policy Director  Julia Meyerson

Served as assistant to the executive director and political assistant in the 2008 cycle.


Director of Operations  Donna Tappin

Also director of operations in the 2006 and 2008 cycles.

Chief Operating Officer  Ben Metcalf

Came to the DGA in March 2007 after serving as national budget director for America Votes in 2005-06. In the 2004 cycle Metcalf served as national budget director for America Coming Together and national compliance director for the Dean for America presidential campaign. Graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Native of Randolph, VT.

Treasurer  Alex Heckler

(from March 2010; previously deputy treasurer) South Florida lawyer (Shutts & Bowen), consultant and fundraiser.

Executive Assistant and Intern Coordinator  Devora Kaye