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News Release
Sept. 27, 2011

40 Maryland GOP Legislators and Leaders Endorse Rick Perry for President

BALTIMORE – Forty Maryland Republican legislators and party leaders today endorsed Gov. Rick Perry for president.

“Rick Perry is the candidate who not only can lead our party to victory in 2012 – he’s the candidate who will get America working again,” said State Senator Chris Shank. “With more than a million jobs gained in Texas on his watch, Gov. Perry’s record proves that the conservative philosophy works.”

“Rick Perry is a principled conservative who has signed 65 tax cuts, reduced state spending and stood up to the job-killing regulations of Washington bureaucrats,” said State Delegate Kelly Schulz. “Gov. Perry doesn’t just talk about conservative reform, he backs up his words with actions.”

“I am humbled to have the support of so many Republican lawmakers and party leaders in Maryland,” said Gov. Rick Perry. “They share my vision for a stronger America with more jobs, more freedom and less government intrusion in the lives of our citizens. With their help, we will run a spirited campaign in Maryland, and in 2012 we’ll get America working again.”

Gov. Perry has been endorsed by the following Maryland leaders:

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