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April 6, 2011--Hundreds of people rallied on Capitol Hill today at a Cut Spending Now rally organized by Americans for Prosperity.  Negotiations on the continuing resolution are ongoing, with the potential for a federal government shutdown starting Saturday.  Additionally, looking ahead, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan yesterday introduced a far-reaching FY2012 budget proposal, and the Republican Study Committee is to introduce a budget proposal tomorrow.  (Above) AFP President Tim Phillips speaks as Rep. Mike Pence (IN) and AFP New Jersey Director Steve Lonegan listen.  "When it comes to spending, the budget deficits and debt, Mr. President, you are the biggest failure in American history," Phillips declared.  "You have had your opportunity to lead; you have failed the American people."
Rep. Mike Pence (IN).
Rep. Jim Jordan (OH), chairman of the Republican Study Committee.
AFP North Carolina Director Dallas Woodhouse introduces Rep. Renee Ellmers (NC).
Rep. Bob Goodlatte (VA).
Rep. Tim Huelskamp (KS).
Rep. Michelle Bachmann (MN) arrives.
O.P Ditch, USAF (ret.), creator of, has a new sign.  (He was also at the Tea Party Patriots' Continuing Revolution Rally a week ago).  In addition to holding his sign Ditch shot some video, which he posted on his YouTube Channel. >

AFP's description of the Cut Spending Now Rally:

"We cannot continue to spend our way out of debt.  We need to take the first step toward financial stability and Cut Spending Now.  Hardworking taxpayers like you already feel the burden of “spend now, pay later” politics.  It’s time that spend-crazed politicians in Washington feel the pressure too.  Join us Wednesday, April 6th in Washington, DC to tell the Budget Committee to Cut Spending Now.  They need to hear from you as they crunch numbers and grapple with this year’s budget.  You’ve had to tighten your family budget in this struggling economy.  They should have to tighten the national budget too."