Herman Cain at Heritage Foundation's Bloggers Briefing
March 15, 2011--Herman Cain made brief remarks and fielded about a dozen questions at the Heritage Foundation's Bloggers Briefing.  "I love talking about the American Dream, but unfortunately it's under attack," Cain said.  He referred to a briefing he had just received at Heritage on how Americans are losing our economic freedom, falling from sixth in 2009 to ninth now (>).  Cain cited the tale of the frog in the water.  "Little by little we are about to boil the American Dream," he said. 

Cain announced his presidential exploratory committee two months ago, but questions and answers were careful to steer clear of that.  The questions covered a broad range of subjects: the impact of the situation in Japan; his views on the Fed ("Let's fix the Fed, not end the Fed."); the continuing resolutions and health care; efforts to defund Planned Parenthood; entitlement reform (change the "entitlement mindset to an empowerment mindset"); the importance of social issues relative to economic issues ("they are all co-top priorities"...Cain said that while Washington may not be able to address them all at once his approach would be to "tee 'em all up"); regulatory reform; the Balanced Budget Amendment ("we are going to have to get there in phases"...Cain also called for "getting back to the gold standard"); No Child Left Behind; and Social Security reform (Cain said that one reason President Bush's effort had failed was because the issue ended up being framed as privatization rather than personalization).

After the speech, Cain did an interview.  There was an amusing moment when the interviewer hesitated a bit over "African-American" and Cain said he is an "American black conservative."  The two shared a laugh about it.    

Cain talked with Newsmax contributing editor Ken Timmerman before heading over to C-SPAN.