38th Annual CPAC Draws Record Numbers

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February 10, 2011--Donald Trump's surprise appearance at CPAC, arranged by GOProud, generated tremendous excitement.  Trump elicited boos from supporters of Ron Paul, as well as some applause from the audience, when he declared, "By the way, Ron Paul cannot get elected, I'm sorry to tell you."  Trump elaborated, "I like Ron Paul; I think he's a good guy, but honestly he has just zero chance of getting elected," prompting further hubbub.  Trump said he will decide by June.  "If I run and if I win, this country will be respected again," Trump vowed.

Presidential Prospects
February 10
Rep. Michele Bachmann (MN)
Former Speaker Newt Gingrich
Former Sen. Rick Santorum (PA)
Donald Trump
February 11
Former Gov. Gary Johnson (NM)
Former Gov. Mitt Romney (MA)
Sen. John Thune (SD)
Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty (MN)
Rep. Ron Paul (TX)
Herman Cain (GA)
Gov. Mitch Daniels (IN) [Reagan Banquet]
February 12
Gov. Haley Barbour (MS)
Former Amb. John Bolton

attended but didn't speak

Fred Karger
Randall Terry

not present

Sarah Palin
Mike Huckabee
More Speakers
February 10
David Keene
Sen. Ron Johnson (WI)
Sen. Rand Paul (KY)
Donald Rumsfeld w/ Dick Cheney
Rep. Paul Ryan (WI)
Speaker John Boehner [Presidential Banquet]
February 11
Panel on Balanced Budget Amendment
Gov Rick Perry (TX)
More Reagan Banquet
February 12
Andrew Breitbart
Panel on Repealing ObamaCare
Straw Poll Results Announced
Rep. Alan West (FL)

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