GOP Candidates Woo Social Conservatives

Faith & Freedom Coalition Conference and Strategy Briefing
Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel  June 3-4, 2011
The Tea Party has been much in the news over the past couple of years as an important constituency for the Republican Party.  Friday and Saturday, the Faith & Freedom Coalition's Conference and Strategy Briefing in Washington, DC provided an opportunity for social conservatives to show their strength.  Just about all of the major Republican presidential candidates addressed the conference (Gingrich by video; Johnson and Roemer did not appear) and top Republican congressional leaders put in appearances as well.  Speakers made it clear that issues such as abortion and traditional marriage will be part of the equation in 2012.  The Faith & Freedom Coalition, created by Ralph Reed in summer 2009, is emerging as a Christian Coalition version 2.0.  Reed urged attendees to "think of this weekend as an NFL mini-camp where we're going to teach you some basic fundamentals of how to block, of how to tackle and how to run patterns and how to know the plays so that they're so ingrained in your brain that you can execute them without even thinking."  [transcript

" 2012, we're going to add to the majority in the House, we're going to see a conservative majority in the U.S. Senate, and we're going to replace Barack Obama with a president that we can be proud of."
- Ralph Reed          
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