First In: Fred Karger Files for President
March 23, 2011--Although several potential candidates have launched exploratory efforts, longshot Fred Karger became the first nationally known figure to file to run for President in 2012.  Karger appeared in person at the Federal Election Commission offices in downtown Washington.  He has over three decades of experience as a Republican consultant and operative, and is the first openly gay person to seek a major party's presidential nomination.  Karger launched his exploratory effort in July 2010, and has already made 12 visits to New Hampshire and six visits to Iowa. [statement]  (Below) Karger and communications director Rina Shah fill in the paperwork as filmmaker John Keitel documents the occasion.

In an interview, Karger said he was very gratified by the reception he received at the Republican National Committee yesterday.  He had not been notified of an earlier meeting of candidate representatives held on March 7, but chief of staff Jeff Larson, chairman Reince Priebus and vice chairman Sharon Day were most hospitable.  Karger also said he is working on developing issue positions, starting with education reform, which he aims to present possibly within a month.  He also noted the 82-page complaint and 48-page supplemental complaint he filed against Steve Scheffler for excluding him from the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition forum on March 7; Karger said Scheffler had clearly used subjective criteria, in violation of FEC rules.  (The FEC is reviewing the matter).  Karger said he will be working to get into the upcoming debates and forums.
Karger, accompanied by communications director Rina Shah and intern Matt Hammond, and trailed by filmmaker John Keitel, heads off to Kinko's and then to an interview at CBS News.