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April 28, 2012--Sen. Mark Warner talks to volunteers at the Obama campaign's office on Columbia Pike in Arlington on the "day of action."  Note the "Rally phone banks" sign on the wall.  Highlighting the importance of Virginia in this election, the campaign announced on April 25 that it will hold its first official campaign rallies on May 5 in Columbus, OH and Richmond, VA. 
Delegate Bob Brink (Arlington) spoke briefly.
Michael Blake, deputy national director of the Obama campaign's Operation Vote, fired up volunteers with his statement that, "In 2008 we changed the guard.  In 2012 we guard the change."  "When we win Virginia, we win this thing," Blake stated.
Sen. Mark Warner lauded Obama, had a few choice words for the Republican presidential candidates, and put in a pitch for the election of Tim Kaine to the U.S. Senate.
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