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August 11, 2012--A couple of Obama supporters did visibility for the opening of the campaign office at Trusler Hall in Manassas.  A sizable crowd attended the opening, perhaps 150 people.  Harry W. Wiggins, chairman of the Prince William County Democratic Committee said that the county is a bellweather county that "will send Barack Obama to victory in Virginia."  This area has experienced rapid growth; according to the Census Bureau, nearby Manassas Park was the fourth fastest growing county/county equivalent in the U.S. between April 1, 2010 and July 1, 2011.  Wiggins noted that the county is now a minority majority county, with about 21% of the population Latino, 20% African American and 9% Asian.  He also said the TV ad campaign is fully engaged, particularly on cable; "there is an ad coming up every 5 or ten minutes," he said.  Another attendee, Cheryl Rouland, a technical writer, said that a key issue for her is the gap in wages that has developed over the past three decades.  "We've got an economy that's out of balance," Rouland stated.
EJ Scott is chair of Manassas Park Democrats.
Greg Ward registers to vote.  He drove into town yesterday around 2 o'clock after a 22-day drive from from Monterey, Calif.; he is assuming his new position as interim minister at Bull Run Unitarian Univeralist.
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