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Images That Resonate

In the Information Age, when we are bombarded daily by many hundreds of messages, clear communications are critical.

My background is in political communications with a focus on presidential campaigns. I have concentrated in particular on visual aspects of political communication, seeking to understand what works and what doesn't. Campaigns spent much time, effort and money trying to craft images that will move people.

Think of a photograph, design or artwork that has made an impression on you and try to understand why it has that effect. For example, the photograph of the man standing in front of a column of tanks in Tiananmen Square is an image that has a strong impact. Political campaigns generally cannot produce images with that kind of impact, but careful design can increase the effectiveness of their messages.

My vision is strongly influenced by a summer working in Yosemite, where I became familiar with the photographs of Ansel Adams. Here I learned about economy and eliminating extraneous elements. As a volunteer at the White House I prepared a daily news photo report that furthered my understanding of the importance of images. Under my Democracy in Action label, I have managed projects on presidential campaigns since 1992, photographing hundreds of events around the country and running websites on the 2000, 2004 and 2008 campaigns. I have collected basic brochures from major party candidates in almost every U.S. Senate and gubernatorial race since 1989. I have also put together three exhibits on magazine cover portrayal of presidents and presidential campaigns.

I have demonstrated the ability to develop and run projects over the long term. If you have a special project that requires focus, a good visual sense, and careful attention to detail please feel free to contact me.