PRESS RELEASE from Buddy Roemer for President

Thursday, July 21, 2011

CONTACT: Carlos Sierra

Governor Buddy Roemer Announces Presidential Bid in New Hampshire

HANOVER, N.H. –Republican businessman and former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer today formally announced that he will seek the GOP nomination for President in 2012.

“Today, I run for President of the United States.  I run to reveal the control of special interests in Washington and to demonstrate that the freedom to lead only comes by refusing their money.  I run to prepare America for job growth, beginning with the elimination of unfair trade practices and attacking the debt.  I run as a proud Republican, but an even prouder American.”

“Manufacturing jobs now account for fewer than 10% of America’s workforce.  ‘Made in America’ has disappeared.  We have fewer jobs that pay less while China is having the greatest boom in history – and we are the ones paying for it.  The government has failed to confront unfair trade and the boys at the top are living so well they’ve forgotten the rest of America.”

Governor Roemer has publically committed to limiting individual donations to $100 and refuses to accept campaign contributions from special interest groups or political committees.

“We must break the stranglehold of special interest money on our political system.  It’s the special interests who use unfair trade and self-written tax loopholes to make their fortunes while stealing our future,” said Roemer, “The guys with the big checks don’t want reform or change because they’ve never had it so good.”

Buddy Roemer served four terms in Congress from 1981-1988 and was Louisiana Governor from 1988-1992. During his tenure, he enacted reforms that cut unemployment by approximately half, balanced the state budget every year, linked teachers’ pay to performance, established education accountability standards, confronted public unions, and passed sweeping campaign finance reform legislation.

Since leaving public office, Governor Roemer has served as founder, president and CEO of Business First Bank, a business community bank that did not take bailout money from the federal government.  Governor Roemer lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with his wife, Scarlett, and is the father of three children.  He received his undergraduate degree from Harvard College and his MBA from Harvard Business School.