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June 11, 2012

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney will meet with America’s families and business owners in small towns in six states as part of his “Every Town Counts” five-day bus tour. The “Every Town Counts” bus tour will begin in New Hampshire on June 15 and will continue on to small towns in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Michigan.
“For three and a half years, President Obama has paid little attention to the everyday concerns of the American people,” Mitt Romney said. “President Obama has offered no hope for the future, and he has left American families to bear the burden of his failed policies. Too many American families have experienced a lost job, faced foreclosure, or been forced to spend their kids' college savings just to make ends meet. These are not statistics – these are our fellow Americans. In America’s small towns, you don't find despair -- you find boundless optimism. We know we can make America better, and that is why I am running for president.”
Believe In America: Every Town Counts Bus Tour Outline
·         Friday, June 15 – New Hampshire
·         Saturday, June 16 – Pennsylvania 
·         Sunday, June 17 – Ohio
·         Monday, June 18 – Wisconsin and Iowa
·         Tuesday, June 19 – Michigan
More details will be announced in the coming days.


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June 14, 2012

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DNC Announces “Romney Economics: The Middle Class Under the Bus” Tour
Tour Kicks Off in New Hampshire Tomorrow, Will Highlight Romney’s Failed Economic Record and Vision
Exeter, New Hampshire—The DNC today announced a bus tour following the route Mitt Romney will travel over the coming days through New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan.  The “Romney Economics: The Middle Class Under the Bus” tour will begin in Exeter, NH TOMORROW, Friday, June 15 at 8:50 AM EDT and visit all of the states on Romney’s bus tour through the weekend and into early next week.
The “Romney Economics:  The Middle Class Under the Bus” tour will take the message of Mitt Romney’s real economic record to communities across those six states, highlighting the broken promises Romney made while running for governor of Massachusetts for more jobs, less debt, and smaller government – the same promises he is making today. Once in office, Romney failed to keep those promises: he sank Massachusetts to 47th out of 50 in job creation, hiked taxes and fees by $750 million a year, and left taxpayers with the highest debt per person in the country.   The tour will feature representatives from Massachusetts who will speak from firsthand knowledge about what Romney Economics meant for economic growth and the middle class.
While the President has outlined a clear plan to grow the economy, create middle-class jobs and pay down our debt in a balanced way, Mitt Romney has provided no real plan to help the middle class. Instead he has promised economic policies that are familiar and troubling: more budget-busting tax cuts for the wealthy and fewer rules for Wall Street, the same formula that benefited a few, but crashed our economy and devastated the middle class. Romney Economics didn’t work then, and it won’t work now.
The four-day DNC bus tour will make at least ten stops across the six states Romney is visiting.  The DNC bus will also stop in: Scranton, PA on Friday afternoon; Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton, OH on Saturday; Madison, WI and Davenport, IA on Sunday; and Grand Rapids, Lansing and Detroit, MI on Monday.  Massachusetts and local elected officials and other prominent surrogates will appear on the tour along with the DNC’s Brad Woodhouse.
WHAT:   Press conference launching the DNC’s “Romney Economics: The Middle Class Under the Bus” tour to highlight Mitt Romney’s failed Massachusetts record and vision.
WHO:   DNC Communications Director Brad Woodhouse
Massachusetts State Representative David Linsky
Jen Hollis, Massachusetts Teacher
Laura Hainey - AFT-NH President
Rhonda Wesolowski - NEA-NH President
Terie Norelli - Former Speaker and Current House Democratic Leader
Dave Lang - President, Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire
WHEN:   8:50 AM EDT, Friday, June 15, 2012
WHERE:  134 Front St.
       Exeter, NH 03833
To attend events on the tour, press must RSVP in advance and present a valid credential at the event...  

Press Release from Political Action

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MoveOn Road Show to Trail Romney Across Six States;
Expose His Bus Tour As ‘Every Millionaire Counts’

Romneymobile Cadillac Driven by 1%ers with Dog Strapped on Roof to Bring Message to Voters:
“Romney Is Running for President of the 1%, Not President of the United States”

You Can View the Launch Video Here:

Starting in New Hampshire, Political Action will pull back the curtain on Mitt Romney’s so-called “Every Town Counts” bus tour to expose that despite what he says, Romney is running an “Every Millionaire Counts” tour.

All along his swing state bus tour, Romney will be met by the MoveOn Road Show which includes the Romneymobile -- a Cadillac driven by 1%ers with NASCAR-style decals of Romney’s largest corporate sponsors and a dog strapped to the roof -- airplane banner ads with messages from the 99%, and local workers who’d be affected by Romney’s economic policies, touting signs showing that Romney is running to be “president of the 1%.”

The MoveOn Road Show is taking Romney to task for supporting policies that would be great for the wealthy but disastrous for the economy and the middle class. All along the way, the MoveOn Road Show will release videos and tweet about its travels via #teamromneymobile.

You can view the launch video here:

The Road Show is part of a national effort from Political Action to hold Mitt Romney accountable on the campaign trail and reveal to voters the truth behind Romney’s economic plan: further rigging our economy and democracy in favor of only the 1% at the expense of the 99%.

“A victory for Mitt Romney would be an unmitigated disaster for the middle class and the economy,” said Justin Ruben, Executive Director of “We need a president of the United States, not a president of the 1%, but Mitt Romney wants to lay off teachers and firefighters and gut Medicare, all so he can give special tax privileges to the wealthy. How out of touch can he be? We need a level playing field where everyone has a fair shot at economic success, not more advantages and financial gain for only the 1%.”


# # # Political Action is a political action committee powered by more than 7 million Americans from every state and every congressional district. Since its founding in 1998, MoveOn members have volunteered tens of millions of hours for progressive candidates. MoveOn members believe in the power of grassroots action to make our country a more progressive place and elect candidates who will fight to put the American Dream back within reach for all Americans.

WASHINGTON, June 5, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Former Presidential Candidate Gary Bauer congratulated Governor Scott Walker for his win in Wisconsin's recall election, calling it "another sign that taxpayers will award office holders ready to do the hard work of reigning in out-of-control government spending."

Bauer, the chairman of the Campaign for Working Families,  made the following statement:

"I congratulate Governor Scott Walker for his hard-fought victory tonight, and most especially for having the courage of his convictions to fight the good fight. But the victory in Wisconsin is not Scott Walker's alone.  It is a victory for the hard-working taxpayers of Wisconsin, who foot the bill year after year.  It is a victory for common sense over powerful special interests.  It is a victory that taxpayers in every state can celebrate.  It is a victory, yes, even for some union members.

"Since Gov. Walker's reforms were enacted, tens of thousands of state employees have opted to keep more of the money they earn rather than let the public employees union siphon off their hard-earned dollars.  In other words, once given the choice, more than half of the public employees union's members decided that they didn't need the union.  These reforms will pay real dividends for the taxpayers of Wisconsin.  They are the real winners tonight.

"The recall election is a sign of good things to come.  The power of the Big Labor bosses has finally been checked, not just in Wisconsin, but also in scores of other states across the country.  More governors, legislators and taxpayers will be inspired to stand up against the liberal labor unions and do what is truly in the best interests of their communities.  Wisconsin's 10 Electoral College votes are now in play, and the anti-tax, small government movement that swept the country in 2010 is about to sweep Barack Obama out of office in 154 days!"

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