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Arizona Republican Party  |  3501 North 24th Street  |  Phoenix, AZ  85016  +
Chairman  Tom Morrissey 

(elected Jan. 22, 2011)  Chief of the Office of Special Investigations at the Arizona Department of Economic Security, 1996-2008.  U.S. Marshals Service, 1975-95.  M.P.A. from Arizona State University; B.A. in law enforcement administration from Ottawa University.

Chief of Staff/Executive Director  Thayer Verschoor

(announced as chief of staff May 31, 2011) State senator from 2003; candidate for State Treasurer in 2010.  Broker for Reflections in Ink (printing), 2003-11.  Elected Chairman of District 30 in 1997.  B.S in political science from Arizona State University, 1993 after attending Mesa Community College for two years.  Served in the active Army Reserves, 1986-92.  Worked for Yuma News Inc. and then for the Wellton Mohawk Irrigation District until beginning his mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in 1981.  Born in Yuma, AZ.

Director of Operations  Lori Urban
Director of Communications  Tim Sifert
Legal Counsel  Lee Miller