PRESS RELEASE from Ohio Democratic Party
November 8

Tipping the Scale: A Look Inside the Ohio Democratic Party’s Decisive Wins
Ohio Democrats Prevail In the Face of Republicans’ Unprecedented Attack Ads, Redistricting, and Record Campaign Lies

COLUMBUS  - On Election Day, Ohioans soundly rejected a Republican agenda built on extremism and lies, and delivered historic wins to Democrats. The people of Ohio spoke at the polls, clearly showing they want public servants that are responsive to their needs and who focus on making progress rather than simply pushing hyper-partisanship. Voters supported President Obama, Senator Sherrod Brown, and other progressive candidates because they put politics second and took care of Ohioans, most noticeably when Democrats boldly bet on Ohio and the American worker and rescued our auto industry.

“The 2012 election marks the first time since Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s 1940 victory that a presidential candidate received more than fifty percent of Ohio voters’ support twice,” said Ohio Democratic Chairman Chris Redfern. “And these historic wins occurred up and down the ballot, from the President, to the Senate, State legislative races, and even State Supreme Court. Senator Brown was able to overcome an unprecedented $40 million dollars spent against him in attack ads because of the infrastructure we put in place for him, and because he was simply right on the issues. Despite a redistricting period controlled by the opposing party where three of our State House incumbent seats were eliminated, we won races that were supposed to be out of reach, and overcame a 3-1 financial disadvantage to re-elect a Democrat to the State Senate. And for the first time in a generation, Democrats won a Supreme Court race that we were never thought to win.

Following a bruising 2010 cycle, the results of our efforts are incredibly clear. The Ohio Democratic Party is back, and anyone that stands in the way of progress, including Governor John Kasich, is on notice.”

Our victories proved that the Ohio Democratic Party is back, that we are strong, that we are united, and that we have the momentum. And this momentum will carry us to victory once more just two years from now in the critical 2014 elections.

HOW WE DID IT: Some Amazing Voter Contact Metrics

The Ohio Democratic Party, Organizing for America, and our coordinated campaign partners worked together in an unprecedented manner: