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33 Percent of Ohio Early/Absentee Voters Self-Identify as Democrats

New Infographic from Scarborough Reveals Insights into the Ohio Early/Absentee Voters

NEW YORK (July 19, 2012) – On Tuesday, July 17, President Obama’s campaign filed a lawsuit against Ohio’s top election officials over the swing state’s law that restricts early voting in the three days leading up to the election. A new infographic from consumer research firm Scarborough reveals insights into the Ohio Early/Absentee Voters, defined by Scarborough as registered voters who are early voters, absentee voters or permanent absentee voters. These insights are from the Scarborough/TargetSmart Joint Political Data Offering and highlight the constituents potentially impacted by the Obama campaign lawsuit.

Scarborough’s Ohio Early/Absentee Voters infographic reveals that 22 percent of Ohio registered voters are Early/Absentee Voters. Of these constituents, 86 percent have been registered to vote for more than five years. Per their lawsuit, Obama’s campaign argues that Ohio’s law unfairly ends in-person early voting on the Friday evening before the Tuesday election while allowing military and overseas voters to cast ballots in person until Monday. Ohio Early/Absentee Voters have the potential to be crucial to Obama’s reelection efforts in the swing state as 33 percent of Ohio Early/Absentee voters self-identify as Democrats, compared to 26 percent who self-identify as Republicans.

In terms of political organization involvement, Ohio Early/Absentee Voters are 18 percent more likely than all Ohio registered voters to have contributed to a political organization in the past 12 months and 29 percent more likely to have contributed to a social care/welfare organization in the same time frame. Demographically, they are 70 percent more likely than all Ohio registered voters to be African-American and 54 percent more likely to be retired. Ohio Early/Absentee Voters are 13 percent more likely than all Ohio registered voters to hold a college degree or higher.

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This data used in this analysis is from Scarborough USA+/TargetSmart Release 2 2011. Scarborough measures 210,000 adults aged 18+ annually across a wide variety of media, lifestyle, shopping and demographic categories.

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