PRESS RELEASE from American Elect

Ileana Wachtel
National Press Secretary

A Statement by Americans Elect CEO Kahlil Byrd

12:01 A.M., MAY 15, 2012 -  Over the past two years, Americans Elect has focused on achieving three clear goals:
·      Gaining nationwide ballot access for a third presidential ticket to compete in the 2012 race;
·      Holding the first ever nonpartisan secure national online primary at; and
·      Fielding a credible, balanced, unaffiliated ticket for the 2012 presidential race.
Through the efforts of thousands of staffers, volunteers, and leadership, Americans Elect has achieved every stated operational goal. Despite these efforts, as of today, no candidate has reached the national support threshold required to enter the “Americans Elect Online Convention” this June.  (Read a detailed summary of the AE process here and the full rules here.)
Because of this, under the rules that AE delegates ratified, the primary process would end today. There is, however, an almost universal desire among delegates, leadership and millions of Americans who have supported AE to see a credible candidate emerge from this process. 
Every step of the way, AE has conferred with its community before making major decisions. We will do the same this week before determining next steps for the immediate future. AE will announce the results of these conversations on Thursday, May 17.
As always, we thank everyone who has participated in this effort and will honor the work, efforts and trust so many people have placed in Americans Elect.


PRESS RELEASE from Buddy Roemer for President
For Immediate Release
May 15, 2012
Contact: Carlos Sierra

Americans Elect is Still Alive and Kicking 

Baton Rouge, LA –Governor Buddy Roemer issued the following statement concerning the Americans Elect nomination process: 

Many media outlets are calling the visionary organization “dead,” “a failure,” or “ahead of it’s time.” I disagree with all of these assessments. What Americans Elect has done for our country is revolutionary. It is my sincere hope that they continue on their mission of putting forth a credible candidate to face the bought candidates – Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The pundits must understand that radical change such as this does not happen over night or without growing pains. The American people are hungry for reform and both parties are not providing it because they are too busy fighting like school children.
My latest polling has me at 7% nationally prior to selecting a vice president, raising much money, or getting much media attention. If I am the nominee for Americans Elect, I will be a factor in this race.                  

Governor Buddy Roemer is a four-term Congressman and former Governor of Louisiana. He is now participating in the first national online primary for President of the United States as an candidate.  He is known for refusing PAC and special interest money, implementing campaign finance reform, turning around Louisiana’s failing economy and cutting the state’s unemployment rate in half in just four years. You can cast your vote at  His website is