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Fred Karger for President

"Jobs Now!" +
0:60 ad run starting Dec. 1, 2011 on WMUR-TV in NH.  

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Text: Karger on Jobs

Clips from Western Republican Debate...
: None of my distinguished colleagues who have attacked me up here tonight understand the plan...

Audio: Audience member gasps.

Cain and Romney: Crosstalk...

Karger (green screened in the debate): Let me tell you about my plan for creating American jobs and turning this economy around. 

We need to fill the 3.1 million jobs that are out there right now. 

We need to stop outsourcing American jobs to countries like China and India.  [applause SFX]  We can either incentivize or penalize corporations to keep those jobs here.

I will bring back the $1.1 trillion in offshore corporate profits and let's use some of that money to help fund microloans so Americans can start their own small businesses.

I will lead the campaign to buy American-made products.  [low music and applause] 

Let's put America back to work.


Notes: Another green screen debate performance from Fred Karger, this time focusing on his just-released jobs plan.