Key People-Former Gov. Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson 2012
   ...his campaign for the Republican nomination [website]
...announced seeking Libertarian nomination on Dec. 28, 2011
...announced candidacy April 21, 2011
...previous OUR America Initiative, a 501(c)(4) announced Dec. 2009  [website]

updated July 2, 2012            

Candidate  Former Gov. Gary Johnson

Senior Advisor  Ronald T. (Ron) Nielsen

President and founder (1992) of NSØN®, an opinion strategy firm based in Salt Lake City Utah.  Ran Johnson's first campaign for governor.

Accounting Manager  Kim Blanton

Scheduling  Grant Huihui

Project manager at NSØN® since April 2010; also creative team member at M3 Marketing from Jan. 2009.  Project assistant at Snow Lion Expeditions, 2008.  Legal assistant/administrative for tow law firms, 2007-09.  While at university worked as a shift manager at Pizza Hut.  B.A. in English from UNLV, 2006.

Grass Roots Manager  Erik Johnson

(started at OUR America on Jan. 2010)  Previously client services consultant for eCollege, from Oct. 2008.  Rooms coordinator at the Inverness Hotel and Conference Center, 2006-08.  Leadership consultant for the Sigma Chi Fraternity 2004-05.  Degree in hotel, restaurant and tourism management from the University of Denver, 2004.  (Son of Gary Johnson).


Finance Director  Jonathan Bydlak

(Started as finance director at OUR America Initiative in July 2010)  Director of development at Citizens in Charge, Oct. 2008-June 2010, and executive director of Discover Scholars.  Fundraising director on Ron Paul's 2008 presidential campaign, Aug. 2007-March 2008.  Investment associate at Bridgewater Associates, 2005-07.  A.B. in economics from Princeton University, 2005.

Finance Director  Elizabeth Hepworth

(including large donors)  Experience includes director of development at CU Foundation and owner of EH Squared; and director of major gifts at  United Way of Central New Mexico.

Fundraising Manager  Kip Nicely

(has also held the role of Southern states director)  Served as minority leader in the New Mexico House; did not run for re-election in 1998.

PR and Media

Communications Director  Joe Hunter

Press  Sue Winchester

(started with OUR America Initiative)

Press, Blogs and Social Media  Elizabeth Renda

VIP Press  Mary Patton

Press, Blogs and Social Media  Tyler Whitney

Director of political operations at Russo Marsh and Associates in Sacramento from Jan. 2011; advance, press and social media at NSON Opinion Strategy from Aug. 2010.   Campaign consultant at Hagerstrom Consulting in Lansing (2007-08) and at Buchanan and Associates in Vienna, VA (2007).

Press, Blogs and Social Media  Josiah Schmidt

Database Manager/Web fundraising  Jerome Armstrong


Creative Advertising  Evan Twede

Advertising Coordinator  Sophia Allen


Correspondence  Colton Sillitoe
Correspondence  Megan O'Brien


Treasurer  Chet Goodwin

Partner at Daines Goodwin & Co. P.C. in Salt Lake City, UT.


Roger Stone, political consultant (Sept. 26, 2011) >


The New Hampshire Path (Sept. 6, 2011)  
see also Facebook page Granite Staters for Gary Johnson
Headquarters: 530 Chestnut Street, Manchester  ...rec'd the keys on June 15, 2011; grand opening Sunday June 26 at 5:00 p.m.  (more)

Eric Johnson

College Coordinator and Field Coordinator for Seacoast  Nick Murray

(started beginning of Aug. 2011)  A senior political science major at the University of New Hampshire, sitting out the fall semester.

Field Coordinator for Merrimack Valley Region  Andy Hauger

(started beginning of Aug. 2011)  Assisted with efforts to pass a spending cap in Manchester.

State Rep. Bruce MacMahon of Brentwood (Rockingham-District 10) announced Oct. 1, 2011

(announced Oct. 4, 2011)
State Rep. Kyle Tasker of Northwood (Rockingham-District 1)
State Rep. Brian Seaworth of Pembroke (Merrimack-District 7)

Michael Harrington - (introduced Johnson at his announcement)  Senior regional policy advisor for the NH Public Utilities Commission; Public Utilities Commissioner, 2005-06.  Member of the NH House of Representatives, 2001-05.  Procurement engineering supervisor at Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant, 1982-2004.


NH State Coordinator  Brinck Slattery

(Started at OUR America Initiative in Nov. 2010; to end of Oct. 2011)  Most recent worked as an independent political consultant.  A field coordinator on Ron Paul's 2008 NH primary campaign.   Did compliance analsysis for Deloitte, 2007.  Graduate of Middlebury College, 2007.

Communications Director  Matt Simon

(started at OUR America Initiative in Feb. 2011; announced departure from the campaign on Oct. 19, 2011)  Executive director of the New Hampshire Coalition for Common Sense Marijuana Policy, Jan. 2007-Dec. 2010.  English instructor at Big Sandy Community and Technical College, 2003-05.  Adjunct faculty at West Virginia University, 2002-03.  M.A. in English from West Virginia University, 2002; B.A. in English and philosophy from Mississippi State University, 1998.


State Director  Jake Porter

(from Oct. 24, 2011)

Grassroots Coordinator  Jimmy Morrison

Filmmaker (JD Productions, LLC) from SE Iowa.  Founder in 2008 of Iowa Patients for Medical Marijuana.

South Carolina

State Director  Joseph Pearson


State Director  Thomas Mahon

More States

Arizona State Director  Halina Reed

California Southern Director  Ryan Garcia

California Northern Director  Forest Baker

Indiana State Director  Zachary Payne

Maryland State Director  Kevin Waterman

Massachusetts State Director  Jonathan Loya

Michigan State Director  John Carlos Cruz

North Dakota State Director  Dustin Gawrylow

Tennessee State Director  Jennifer Rankin

Texas State Director  David Nalle

(announced Aug. 25, 2011)  Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus.  Candidate for Texas State Representative in 2002.  Taught college history in Austin, and ran a small game publishing company called Ragnarok Press; also, in 1989 founded Scriptorium Fonts.  A regional organizer on Ed Clarks's presidential campaign in 1980.  Moved to Texas in 1982 and earned graduate degrees from the University of Texas.  Undergraduate degrees in English and history from Franklin and Marshall College. 

Virginia State Director (volunteer)  Charles Frohman

(from Aug. 5 2011)  Does some lobbying (Charles D. Frohman Consulting and Government Affairs +).


Volunteer Coordinator  Aaron Biterman

(through Nov. 30, 2011)  Active in Republican Liberty Caucus.  Graduate of American University, 2005 after attending Endicott College for a year.  Originally from Wisconsin.

Note: As reported by Stephen VanDyke on Hammer of Truth, Bydlak sued Johnson, the Johnson campaign, OUR America Initiative, and top staff in the U.S. District Court in Alexandria on Feb. 7, 2012 charging that the campaign had failed to pay him in accordance with their contracts. (+)   However, the case was dismissed on April 24. (+)