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"Delphi" +
:60 ad from Nov. 2, 2012.

[Music] Female Annoucer: This is the true story of President Obama's auto bailout—the American workers he abandoned.

Craig: You know I'm one of the people that worked hard, played by the rules...and then suddenly my future's been yanked out from under me.

Marlane: For 31 years I worked for Delphi.  I found out that the White House, the auto task force, had made the decision that the salaried employees for Delphi were going to have their pensions cut.

Tom: The union workers were taken care of, their pensions were not cut, their health care remained intact...

Denise: They took my money, they took my Blue Cross, they took my life insurance...  It's just absolutely devastating...  We don't go from month to month; we go from day to day...  This is not the American Dream.

Jim: We thought when this president came in he was going to be a president for all people.  And now we find out the union were basically given the company.

Marlane: It shouldn't matter if I'm male or female, if I'm tall or short, fat or skinny, union or management, it should be fair and square.  It should be just.  That's the kind of country I want to live in.

Female Annoucer: American Future Fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. 

Notes: Compare to "Side by Side," an online ad annouced by Let Freedom Ring on Sept. 4 to run starting Oct. 22, and also "Dream," a Romney/RNC coordinated ad from Aug. 1.  Contrast to Priorities USA Action's "Stage" and "Same Promises."