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Andy Martin for President

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released Feb. 23, 2011, run on WMUR-TV in NH on Feb. 24.

[Music] Martin: Attention New Hampshire Republicans.  I'm Republican presidential candidate Andy Martin.  I approve this message because I'm the only candidate asking tough questions about President Barack Obama.  One hundred million Americans [bell SFX] have doubts about Obama's origins.  I wrote the first expose on Obama.  Jerome Corsi's book asks, where is the birth certificate?  Please support my campaign for the Republican Party's presidential nomination--contribute at AndyMartinforPresident.com.

Notes: According to a Feb. 24 campaign press release:

"The ad has been remarkably well received, perhaps because it does represent a real presidential campaign ad and not just a screed against Obama. In fact, our testing shows Democrats are just as receptive to the ad as Republicans. It’s ‘tuned’ right. My ad discusses a serious and sensitive issue in a serious and dignified manner. It is not a screamer. That’s why it is receiving so much attention."

In a Feb. 23 press release, Martin described the ad as a "game changer."

"Many think it is the most ‘Reaganesque’ ad they have seen since The Gipper’s own commercials. The ad certainly will not hurt my claim that I am the candidate who is most capable of duplicating the Reagan Revolution. That’s why I call my campaign the ‘New Ronald Reagan Revolution.’ "