Campaign Is Warming Up In New Hampshire

Republican Presidential Hopefuls Wooing Activists in the Granite State
April 27-May 1, 2011—Although most of the Republican field is in the exploratory or testing the waters phase or hasn't announced at all (currently there are only two declared GOP candidates, former Gov. Gary Johnson and gay activist Fred Karger), the campaign in New Hampshire is well underway.  Presidential hopefuls have already spent more than one hundred days in the state.  They are wooing activists and building organizations.  Activists in turn are "kicking the tires"—attending forums, events and house parties to meet the candidates.  Best organized at this point are probably former Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who has opened a headquarters and has four staff working, and former Gov. Mitt Romney, who finished second here in 2008 and has a home in Wolfeboro.  However, much can change in the nine and a half months from now until the primary, which is scheduled for February 14, 2012.  The last week of April 2011 saw considerable activity by Republican presidential hopefuls in the Granite State, including a visit by Donald Trump and the largest event to date, Americans for Prosperity Foundation-NH's dinner and presidential summit.  Five potential candidates spoke at this event.

Donald Trump Takes Portsmouth
House Party with Herman Cain
Rand Paul Breakfast
Americans for Prosperity Foundation-NH Dinner and Summit
We The People First In The Nation Freedom Forum

Pawlenty Committee First to Open Office

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