First in the West

Turnout Low, But Nevada Caucuses Reaffirm Romney's Status as the Frontrunner
Feb. 3-4, 2012—By the time the Nevada Republican precinct caucuses arrived only four major candidates remained in the race for the GOP nomination.  Former Gov. Mitt Romney was seen as the favorite to win the caucuses; he won the 2008 caucuses and was seen as likely to benefit from the state's large Mormon population; Romney was also coming off a win in the Florida primary less than a week earlier.  Former Rep. Ron Paul, who finished second in the 2008 caucuses, built a strong organization in the state and hoped to do well here; his libertarian philosophy seemed a good fit for the state.  Former Speaker Newt Gingrich's Nevada campaign appeared disorganized, as there were reports of disagreements between local and national advisors.  Former Sen. Rick Santorum continued to press his case as the true conservative. 

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