Interest Groups - Examples of Activity

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Activities Directed at the Field of Candidates

FRC Action Sees Signs of Massive Turnout Among Values Voters (11/05/12)
Campaign for America’s Future Exposes New Stories about Life Under Governor Romney (10/30/12)

[New American Energy Opportunity Foundation] Announcing our pre-election campaign to end government restrictions blocking affordable gas and energy independence (10/26/12)

[Pennyslvania Pastors' Network/Let Freedom Ring, Inc.] Reaching Values Voters from the Pulpit: Call to Fast and Pray (10/22/12)

[Civil Society Institute and Environmental Working Group] Second Debate Highlights "Agenda Gap" on Energy; 100 Organizations Present Energy Plan for "First 100 Days" (10/18/12)

[American Majority Action] Keep America Free Weekend: AMA Launches Two-Day GOTV Event (10/11/12)

Romney turns his back on Republican base and Personhood; Will Maintain Extreme U.S. Abortion Laws says Personhood USA (10/10/12)
NARAL Pro-Choice America: Romney’s Latest Failed Attempt to Shift from His Anti-Choice Agenda (10/09/12)

[Mayors Against Illegal Guns] Aurora Shooting Survivor Demands A Plan To Reduce Gun Violence From Presidential Candidates In Ad Campaign Aimed At Colorado Debate Viewers (10/01/12)

National Forum on Disability Issues (09/28/12)

[Student Global AIDS Campaign] Activists Disrupt President Obama Campaign Event Holding Banners Demanding Money Out of Politics (09/26/12)

[Americans for Prosperity] National Prosperity Action Day Huge Success with Over 400,000 Calls Made (09/23/12)

Memo to Interested Parties: NARAL Pro-Choice America Strategy to Reach “Obama Defector” Women (09/21/12)

[DRM Capitol Group] Undocumented Youth Launch 4-State Tour to Confront Mitt Romney On His Extreme Immigration Position (09/14/12)

Americans United Advises Houses Of Worship To Refrain From Partisan Electioneering (09/12/12)

[AFL-CIO] Working Families Kick Off Massive Grassroots Campaign Ahead of the Republican National Convention (08/23/12)

Strategy for Voter Contact Partnership Between Political Action and Workers’ Voice – Largest Independent Volunteer Program (08/21/12)

[Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund, Inc.] New Campaign Launched by Former CIA, Special Operations Members to Combat Leaks and Politicization of National Security Info (08/18/12)

Wisconsin Catholics Launch a Website for Paul Ryan to Follow Church Teaching on the Poor (08/16/12)

[College Board] Grassroots Movement Puts $1.5 Billion in “Cash” on Wall Street, Illuminating the Economic Benefits of Education Reform (08/15/12) (08/12/12)

[Count on Coal] Coal issue playing a major role in presidential Battleground States (08/08/12)

Mayors Against Illegal Guns Statements on Aurora Shooting (07/20/12)

[U.S. Conference of Mayors] Nation's Mayors Prepare to Challenge Presidential Candidates & U.S. Congress with Metro Agenda for Job Creation (07/20/12)

American Bridge and Courage Campaign Partner To Launch “Mitt Gets Worse” (07/18/12)

MoveOn Members to Swarm Romney Offices Demanding Release of Tax Returns (07/12/12)

[College Board] Presidential Candidates Urged to Make Education a Priority (06/2012)

SEIU Launches Largest Field Campaign in Union's History for 2012 Election (06/19/12)

NAMI Launches "Mental Health Care Gets My Vote" (05/02/12)

[People For the American Way] "Romney and Bork, a Dangerous Team: People For the American Way Campaign Exposes Romney’s Embrace of Judicial Extremism" (04/19/12)

"IRS Should Investigate Catholic Diocese For Illegal Election Intervention, Says Americans United" (04/19/12)

Workers' Voice Announces Plans To Activate Networks Of Working Families With “Cutting Edge Technology and Old-Fashioned Energy” (04/12/12) 

UAW, allies, elected officials hold event on Friday, Feb. 24, with message for Mitt Romney

US Budget Watch "Primary Numbers: The GOP Candidates and the National Debt" (02/23/12) [PDF] | response

Progress Michigan Launches 'Let Romney Go Bankrupt' (02/16/12)

[National Congress of American Indians] 10th Annual State of Indian Nations Address (01/26/12)

New Concord Coalition Issue Brief: Key Questions Voters Should Ask Candidates (01/23/12)

2012 Values Voter Republican Presidential Voter Guide (12/21/11) [PDF]

US Budget Watch "The 12 Principles of Fiscal Responsibility for the 2012 Campaign" (12/15/11) [PDF]

Social Security Works "New Guide to GOP Presidential Candidates’ Positions on Social Security Unveiled" (12/15/11)

Personhood USA Republican Presidential Candidate Pledge (12/14/11)

Occupy the New Hampshire Primary Facebook Event Jan. 6-10, 2012 (12/13/11)

Romney-Gekko 2012 mock campaign launched [Americans United for Change] (12/07/11)

ProEnglish Grades 2012 Presidential Candidates on Official English (12/07/11)

Iowans for Christian Leaders in Government "An Open Letter to Bob Vander Plaats" (11/28/11)

AARP Video Voters' Guide (approx. 11/13/11)

ONE Announces "ONE Vote 2012" Republican Advisory Committee and Campaign Manager (11/01/11)

Justice at Stake Campaign: Six Presidential Candidates Strike a Blow at Checks and Balances (10/24/11) 2012 Presidential Candidates

Americans for Securing the Border Announces Pledge (10/13/11)

FRC Action Announces Nationwide 'Values Voter Bus Tour' (10/08/11)

National Organization for Marriage, SBA List Announce Joint Voter Guide on Presidential Candidates at Values Voter Summit (10/07/11)

Campaign Launched to Get 2012 Presidential Candidates' Positions on Obscenity Prosecutions (09/28/11)

Marriage Equality USA, Inc. LGBT positions

UCubed "Pink Slip Primary" (07/25/11)

National Organization for Marriage Pledge (08/04/11)

The FAMiLY LEADER "“The Marriage Vow – A Declaration of Dependence Upon Marriage and FAMiLY” (07/07/11)

Palmetto Family Challenges the Presidential Candidates (06/30/11)

Cut, Cap, Balance Pledge (06/22/11)

Strong American Now Pledge to Reduce Waste in Government

Susan B. Anthony List's "Pro-LIfe Leadership Presidential Pledge" (06/11)

Interfaith Alliance President Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy offers advice (06/16/11)

Americans for Tax Reform's Taxpayer Protection Pledge
Club for Growth's Presidential White Papers

NumbersUSA: "2012 Presidential Hopefuls' Immigration Stances"

Newt Gingrich First to Sign Presidential ObamaCare Repeal Pledge (05/17/11)
Club for Growth press release on Trump (04/18/11)

Focus on Iowa's Future Inc. blog ad on Gingrich (04/16/11)

Peter G. Peterson Foundation launches “OweNo” campaign (including "Hugh Jidette for President") (11/09/10)

PFAW Letter on First Amendment (03/25/11)

Millennial Generation Launches Raising Red PAC and SuperPAC to Defeat President Obama (04/05/11)

Our Country Deserves Better PAC/Tea "The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama"

Dogs Against Romney